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Главная » 2009 » Апрель » 2 » The Appeal to the President of The USA Barack Hussein Obama and to the Congress of The USA to accept the genocide of The Armenians in Turkey
The Appeal to the President of The USA Barack Hussein Obama and to the Congress of The USA to accept the genocide of The Armenians in Turkey

Analitika.at.ua. To the President of the USA Barack Hussein Obama

to the Congress of the USA


Dear Mister President!

Dear Congressmen!


We are the representatives of The Armenian Diaspora (predominantly it consists in the progenies of The Armenians) experienced the genocide in 1915-1923 in Ottoman Turkey, who had to leave our Native Land, address to you with the appeal to accept the crime against from our Nation as the Genocide.

The destruction of The Armenian Nation was organized and planned realized with the help of the Turkish rulers from 1915 till 1923 and it leaded to the full liquidation of the Armenian presence in the bigger part of the territory of the thousand-year foundation and the habitation of the Armenians.

The abundant evidences and irrefutable facts of the Genocide against from the Armenian Nation can’t call in question or other interpretation. During the years of the realization of the Genocide a lot of World Powers classify such actions of Ottoman Turkey regarding the Armenian Nation as “the crime against from the humanity” and condemn the organizers of that crime.

Many countries and international organizations accepted the genocide in Ottoman Turkey (in our native land) as the try of the liquidation of a whole Armenian nation. Some countries have criminal proceedings against from the negation of that historical fact. The official recognition and the condemnation of the genocide have been accepted in 40 states of The USA. April’24 is an official Day of the Memory of the genocide’s victims.

This is a time for telling you your word!

The confirmation of the fact of the Genocide against from the Armenians is a very important meaning not only as the demonstration of the justice to the Armenian Nation, but it is very important not to allow such crimes in the future against from all nations of the world.

The fundamental position of the USA in that question will prove - the process of confirmation of that fact is not the demonstration of anti-Turkish position, but it comes from the necessity of the condemnation the Genocide as a crime against from the humanity. And what is the more the amelioration of the relationship between Armenia and Turkey must be based on the respect to the truth and justice and not on the concealment these tragic events of the recent past.


Dear Mister President! The Armenian Nation kept up with politics of your pre-election campaign and pre-election statements about the necessity to recognize the Genocide of the Armenians. We are sure you are a man of your words and you will call the crime against from our Nation as the Genocide in your traditional epistle.


Best regards,


The Armenian Internet-community «Miasin» (http://miasin.ru)


Information-analytical centre «Analitika» (http://analitika.at.ua)


Armenian patriotic forum «Vardanank» (http://vardanank.org)


Armenian Youth of Kazakhstan (AYK)


Media-group Armyane.kz (http://www.armyane.kz)


The Armenian diaspora of Belarus (http://diaspora.by)


Collective of institute of physic-technological researches (http://www.vodorod.com)


Armenian Youth Union of Estonia (AYUE) (http://www.armenianyouth.ee)


Armenian Youth Union of Armenian Apostolic Church «NUR»



Community of Intellectual Interaction of the Armenian Youth (http://siv.am)


The Portal of Armenian print and on-line issues (http://www.pressinfo.am)


Armenian friendly association of Saint Petersburg (http://www.armiane.spb.ru)


Armenian Cooperation Centre of Georgia (ACCG)


The Armenian portal «Our Native land» (http://www.merhayrenik.narod.ru)


Information agency «Hay-Region» (http://hay-region.org)


Committee of Crimean Armenian Youth (CCAY)


«In the name of the future» non-governmental organization on civil initiative /Republic of Armenia/


Armenian community of Yekaterinburg «Ani-Armenia»


The newspaper of Armenians of Stavropol territory and Terek «The Armenian Panorama»


The Armenian Youth community of Sevastopol


Victor Konoplyov's project « Our environment» (http://www.nashasreda.ru)
The newspaper of Armenians in Russia «Yerkramas» (http://yerkramas.org)


«Argam-Studio» (http://www.argam.do.am)


The persons wishing to sign under the Appeal may send the names of the organizations or internet- resources on Russian and English to e-mail: info@miasin.ru

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