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Главная » 2010 » Август » 27 » Реакция на возможную анти-армянскую пропаганду на CNN
Реакция на возможную анти-армянскую пропаганду на CNN

Analitika.at.ua. Дорогие читатели,


Как вы уже наверное прочли в азербайджанских информагентствах, всемирно известная телекомпания CNN на днях будет показывать пропагандистический материал про Ходжалинскую трагедию, в своей однобокой и не соответствующей действительности интерпретации.


Всем, кому не безразлична эта анти-армянская истерика официального Баку, предлагаем переслать нижеследующий текст на электронный адрес компании CNN: <world.view@cnn.com>


[To: <world.view@cnn.com>]

[Subject: Call to cancel the anti-Armenian propaganda on CNN]


Dear CNN World View Staff,


We are alarmed with the information that CNN International has planned series of broadcasts about the Khojaly Tragedy of February 1992. That was indeed a sad page in the chronology of the Karabakh War between Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan, though it is becoming a darker page when the authoritarian regime of Azerbaijan has been trying to make propaganda of hatred against Armenians out of it.


It is a matter of fact that the Khojaly Tragedy is a dark page, and there is a need for research to find the guilty. I am sure that no unbiased study can be based on the falsified films by Cengiz Mustafayev since there are not taken in Khojaly. The true story behind it is the fact that departing from the Azerbaijani village Umudlu in the north of Nagorno-Karabakh, a helicopter from a television journalist Cengiz Mustafayev on board headed for the village Khojaly on the night of Feb. 26, which was deserted from a bandit slot Azerbaijani riot police (OMON) and other illegal armed groups operating in the newly-born Republic of Nagorno Karabakh. Naturally Mustafaev could not find any corpses in Khojaly because simply there wasn’t any. The bodies were discovered on the territory adjacent to the center of the Azerbaijani region Agdam which was under direct Azerbaijani rule up until the middle of the summer of 1993. That is why here the photo and film shooting occurred freely.


In fact, the former Azerbaijani President – Ayaz Mutalibov – that is now expelled from Azerbaijan for delivering the truth to the public, in an interview to Dana Mazalova of "Njvaya Gazeta” on April 2, 1992. "As the Khojali inhabitants, who narrowly escaped, say, it was all organized in order to have ground for my resignation.Some forces functioned for the effort to discredit the president".


The pictures of the tragedy that eventually will be shown in CNN are also partly those from the Srebrenica massacre of July 1995 - blatantly copy-pasted by the Azeri official propaganda. The facts about this can be found at www.xocali.net page – full of evidences of the truth.


In case CNN will broadcast these propaganda – that will sadly join the international Azeri campaign of anti-Armenianism, which is nearly the same as anti-Semitism by the known "rogue states", happily isolated from the international community.


I am calling for the CNN broadcasting authorities to cancel the anti-Armenian propaganda program by all means, in order to remain a true global TV channel delivering only objective and unbiased information worldwide.


Sincerely yours,



Источник: Panorama.am

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